The association Musique @ Paris Sciences et Lettres aims to organize the musical season of the PSL Orchestra & Choir and the PSL Spring Festival. It is an association law 1901 that employs a team of entertainment professionals to supervise the various musical formations from an artistic and technical point of view. The OCPSL is a choro-symphonic ensemble of 150 musicians and singers who regularly perform in prestigious venues in Paris or abroad during international tours. Its two components are the PSL Symphony Orchestra and the PSL Choir.

The symphony orchestra is conducted by Johan Farjot with the support of an intermittent team of five professional musicians ensuring the supervision of each section. Students, professors and members of staff from the schools, universities and establishments of PSL make up the 75 members of the orchestra, all of whom were selected by audition. Soloists of international stature are also regularly invited, thereby offering students the opportunity to connect with great names of the musical interpretation.

The Choir of PSL is also directed by Johan Farjot, assisted by the pianist and vocal coach Julien Rezak. It is mainly composed of 80 amateur choristers selected by audition (students, professors and members of staff from the Grandes Ecoles of PSL University). In addition to its partnership with the Orchester under the choro-symphonic ensemble OCPSL, the Choir has its own musical programs ans tours too. It also regularly collaborates with other prestigious formations such as the Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine or international choral formations. (Robinson College Chapel Choir – University of Cambridge, City-University of London, ensemble Gaudeamus de Sophia…)