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Festival de Printemps 2023

1001 nuits jazz30 marsBal Blomet
The Addams Family01 avrilP. Cong. Versailles
Répét. publique – Orchestre03 avrilENS-PSL
Répét. publique – Chœur 04 avrilChimie Paris-PSL
Création d’aujourd’hui05 avrilENS-PSL
Concert under the stars06 avrilObservatoire-PSL
Concert Smile12 avrilMines Paris-PSL
Neïma Naouri13 avrilBal Blomet
Saxo Voce14 avrilHenri IV
Cérémonie Docteurs PSL14 avrilDauphine-PSL
Musical tea15 avrilHenri IV
Voix sacrées19 avrilHenri IV
Carmina BuranaPasséN-D Liban
1001 nuits jazzPasséBal Blomet
Imagine for MargoPasséSorbonne
Gala de l’EauPasséCNSAD-PSL
The Addams FamilyPasséMPPA St Germain
The Addams FamilyPasséMPPA St Germain
Ensemble PerspectivesPasséFoyer de l’Âme
Poulenc10 maiLa Pitié
Poulenc11 maiInvalides
Poulenc15 maiSaint Paul
Prokofiev, Beffa7 decInvalides

Music at PSL

Following the example of the world's prestigious universities, PSL has its own symphony orchestra and choir, the OCPSL. Open to all students and staff of PSL University, the association's repertoire reflects its image: eclectic, innovative, original, and composed of varied styles of music (classical repertoire and forgotten or contemporary composers, jazz and gospel, musicals).


The PSL Orchestra and Choir recruit all year round, depending on the places available.